Founded in 2010 (THE REVOLUTION)

Street Smart began at the time as the 2nd company in Lebanon to introduce the pioneering LED technology. It launched with its first interactive billboard, strategically placed on the facade of the Orient Queen Homes, next to the American University of Beirut, that remains the only prominent digital display in this busy spot to this day.
The Street Smart venture evolved through the years to have it become one of Beirut’s leading digital networks, offering full-fledged coverage in the busiest areas of the city and aiming to always offer more than meets the eye.

Strategically placed (SINGULARITY)

Street Smart focuses on the display's surrounding area to handpick the spot that will best fit its clientele – mainly at the heart of business centers and next to universities.

The Hamra network, for example, has the benefit of being exclusive to Street Smart. With no other coverage in the area, its dedicated LED billboards are strategically placed at all main entrances and exits.

Expand & enhance (INNOVATION)

Starting with its LED networks, Street Smart tends to favor modern and technologically advanced communication channels. Its ultimate goal is to expand and enhance its current coverage to always convey its client’s messages in the best way possible.

Furthermore, Street Smart plans on introducing new, smart and creative means of communication in the future that will give an extra edge to brand exposure.